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Premium Iced Coffee For Serious Coffee Drinkers

Premium Iced Coffee – Superior Flavour When It’s Time To Chill Out

True coffee lovers know that coffee is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. And life is too short to tolerate bad coffee! WildHorse Iced Coffee blends superior quality espresso coffee with skim milk for a refreshing, invigorating beverage experience. This is premium iced coffee with no nasty additives, brewed and bottle on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Why compromise because you like it cold?

Many commercial iced coffees are actually just milk products, packed with sugars, artificial colours and ambiguous flavours like ‘coffee essence’. Not only do they taste inferior to WildHorse Iced Coffee, but they won’t give you the naturally enlivening boost you look for in a refreshing coffee brew.

WildHorse Iced Coffee is made from coffee with added milk, not milk with added chemicals. Using exceptional Glasshouse Mountains Coffee  made from carefully selected high altitude coffee beans and roasted to perfection for maximum taste, we’ve created a delicious bottled espresso with a dash of sugar and a little skim milk – that’s all.

Quality, flavoursome, chemical-free iced coffee

Wildhorse Iced Coffee gives you all the quality and flavour you expect from any Glasshouse Mountains Coffee product chilled to just the right temperature for your next summer road trip or mid-afternoon refreshment break.

Our enjoyable coffee comes to you in very stylish bottles (if we do say so ourselves), made of pure glass to help maintain optimum temperature and avoid plastic chemical leakage. Choose 330ml, 500ml or 750ml with handy screw top lids that let you savour some now and save some for later.

If you’re looking for a genuine coffee experience in an iced coffee product, choose WildHorse Iced Coffee from Glasshouse Mountains Coffee every time.

Serious about coffee but prefer it chilled? Choose premium WildHorse Iced Coffee for pure natural ingredients and maximum flavour. Taste the WildHorse difference today!

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