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Cold Brew Coffee – Pure Power In A Bottle!

Cold Brew Coffee – Pure Power In A Bottle!

Cold brew coffee is like the new kid on the block; it’s a little mysterious until you get to know it and then BAM! it’s your new best friend. WildHorse Cold Brew uses premium quality Glasshouse Mountains Coffee, cold brewed to perfection for a proper flavour punch.

Boutique cold brew coffee that packs a flavour punch

Our cold brew coffee is a specialty ground coffee that’s steeped in pure, cold water. It’s a unique process producing a flavour quite different from hot coffee that’s chilled or poured over ice. With a smooth, malty aftertaste that’s never bitter on the palate, WildHorse Cold Brew can be enjoyed by black coffee fans as well as those who like a milder, sweeter coffee.

Like our tasty WildHorse Iced Coffee we deliver our WildHorse Cold Brew to you in a stylish, boutique black glass bottle. This packaging helps preserve the integrity of the brew without added preservatives, and avoids the risk of plastic chemical leakage. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing in your favourite trendy bar, but you’ll taste a raw energy that will lift your mood for hours.

Premium coffee – your new favourite natural energy drink

WildHorse Cold Brew is a favourite with the energy drink crowd and all coffee-loving health buffs. It has no artificial colours or flavours, no sugar, no calories, no lactose, no gluten…need we go on? All it DOES have is stunning true espresso coffee, brewed using cutting edge cold filtering techniques. With so much more to offer than other chilled energy drinks, it’s no wonder WildHorse Cold Brew is gathering its share of groupies.

While we’re talking health, fitness fans can enjoy the benefits of WildHorse Cold Brew as a pre or post workout pick-me-up. Choose a hard kicking energy boost for a workout like you’ve never had before! Or, once the work is done, WildHorse Cold Brew can assist your recovery to keep your engine running throughout your busy day.

Like all WildHorse and Glasshouse Mountains Coffee products, our cold brew is created on a base of carefully selected, high altitude coffee beans, roasted by the experts at our Sunshine Coast roastery. It is a flavour-packed, healthy, specialty coffee experience that’s totally refreshing and rejuvenating. Taste the WildHorse difference today!

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Serious about your cold brew? Choose premium WildHorse Cold Brew coffee for pure power with all natural ingredients.

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