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True Café Quality Coffee In Convenient Pods? Taste the WildHorse Difference today!

It’s an aroma like no other. The hypnotic perfume of a first-class coffee bean, roasted to perfection and transformed for your cup. Glasshouse Mountains Coffee  brings you WildHorse quality coffee pods; superior, flavoursome coffee, ethically-sourced and chemical-free with a taste that will carry you away from the everyday.

WildHorse Nespresso-compatible pods are created using our exceptional coffee products, roasted amidst the lush, unpolluted beauty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. From the base of Wildhorse Mountain, this is carefully crafted, premium grade coffee, made using a blend of the world’s best high altitude coffee beans. These superior beans are then roasted under strict quality controls to ensure the richest flavours and aromas.

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Premium coffee with capsule convenience

Coffee pods have taken the world by storm in recent years, with some research suggesting 1 in 3 US households now uses a capsule-style coffee machine. There’s no doubt that they’re extremely convenient, but in some cases this convenience comes at the expense of quality, flavoursome coffee.

WildHorse Pods are different.

With WildHorse Pods, you can enjoy tasty, café-quality coffee at home, in the office or anywhere you use a Nespresso-compatible machine. Using exceptional coffee beans grown at high altitudes and carefully selected by expert green bean buyers, these coffee pods deliver a truly impressive espresso shot every time.


Some savvy consumers are also concerned about the environmental impact of the flourishing coffee pod trend. Vast numbers of plastic pods being tossed away every day is a landfill disaster waiting to happen, right?

That’s why the innovators who make WildHorse’s quality capsules use only fully recyclable materials to create their coffee pods. What’s more, a biodegradable version of the product is on its way soon.

WildHorse Pods are the premier pod choice for coffee connoisseurs who value the planet as much as they value that first, perfect coffee each morning.

Which WildHorse Pod is right for you?

One conundrum coffee lovers face when using a coffee pod machine is finding a strength and flavour that matches the way they like to drink their coffee. A full-bodied long black requires a bolder roast than a creamy cappuccino, for example.

WildHorse Pods are now available in several delicious blends designed to suit the high standards you expect from quality coffee, no matter how many sugars you take. Try our signature blends, organic or decaffeinated coffee varieties in handy recyclable Nespresso-compatible coffee pods. Buy coffee pods online  today!

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee also produces a range of outstanding speciality coffee blends for use in plungers and other styles of coffee maker.

Organic coffee pods? Decaf coffee pods? Or just a pure, dark roasted aromatic cup? However you choose to enjoy WildHorse Pods, you’re sure to be impressed by the winning combination of complex flavours and a clean conscience in our exclusive quality coffee pods.

If you’re looking for café quality coffee in convenient pods choose WildHorse Pods. Pure, natural and oh-so smooth. Taste the WildHorse difference today!

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