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True Café-Quality Coffee In A Convenient Pod

It’s an aroma like no other. The hypnotic perfume of a first-class coffee bean, roasted to perfection and transformed for your cup. Glasshouse Mountains Coffee brings you Nespresso compatible WildHorse coffee pods. Superior café-quality coffee ethically-sourced and chemical-free, with a taste that will carry you away from the everyday.unspecified1

Pure, natural and oh-so smooth. Taste the WildHorse difference today!

If you’re a coffee drinker, you already understand the many benefits of this smooth, aromatic beverage. Perhaps it helps you stay alert during arduous board meetings? Or perhaps your coffee break offers a precious moment of ‘me time’ in an otherwise hectic schedule? Whatever coffee means to you, you deserve to enjoy the best – even if your busy life means coffee pods are the easiest way to grab your fix.

WildHorse Pods are created using Glasshouse Mountains Coffee, an exceptional coffee product roasted amidst the lush, unpolluted beauty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. From a specialist roaster at the base of Wildhorse Mountain, this is carefully crafted, premium grade coffee, made using a blend of the world’s best high altitude coffee beans. These superior beans are then roasted under strict quality controls to ensure the richest flavours and aromas.

High altitude coffee sets WildHorse Pods worlds apart from other coffee capsules

The altitude at which coffee is grown contributes significantly to its taste profile. All beans are by no means equal! Just like a fine wine, there is truly a science to producing an outstanding specialty coffee. WildHorse Pods respect this alchemy, capturing the magic of the bean and delivering it into your hands.

Research shows that high elevations (that is, above 3,000 feet to 6,000 feet and beyond) provide the ideal growing conditions for the coffee tree. Cooler mountain temperatures provide a slower growth cycle, which in turn prolongs bean development.


This longer maturation process imbues the coffee bean with more complex sugars, yielding deeper, more interesting flavours. High-grown beans are denser and possess the potential for exceptional coffee flavour. The world’s truly stunning coffees are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet.

It’s with this research in mind that the craft coffee producers at Glasshouse Mountains Coffee import only high altitude beans as the starting point for the WildHorse Pod range. Other coffee makers can produce a palatable product using beans grown at lower ranges, but the result will be mild, simple and a little bland for a true coffee lover.

In fact, it’s only above 3,000 feet that coffee beans begin to take on sweeter and smoother characteristics. Around 4,000 feet, coffees can be imbued with a hint of citrus, vanilla or chocolate. Above 5,000 feet, you’ll find spicy, floral and fruity notes in complex, aromatic beans.

Coffee trees also need to be nurtured and beans picked only when ripe. Some of the extraordinary estates accessed by Glasshouse Mountains Coffee bean buyers still hand pick their beans in the traditional way. With donkeys as carriers, they set off at sunrise, traversing the high terrain to pick the ripe beans. These growers are third generation families with coffee in their veins. When well-cared for in this fashion, high elevation coffee produces the distinctive aromatic and flavourful cup of coffee that you’ll find in every WildHorse Pod.

You don’t have to compromise our environment for convenience

Coffee pods have taken the world by storm in recent years, with some research suggesting 1 in 3 US households now uses a capsule-style coffee machine. There’s no doubt that they’re extremely convenient, but in some cases this convenience comes at the expense of quality, flavoursome coffee.

WildHorse Pods are different.

With WildHorse Pods, you can enjoy tasty, café-quality coffee at home, in the office or anywhere you use a Nespresso-compatible machine. Using exceptional coffee beans grown at high altitudes and carefully selected by expert green bean buyers, these coffee pods deliver a truly impressive espresso shot every time.

Some savvy consumers are also concerned about the environmental impact of the flourishing coffee pod trend. Vast numbers of plastic pods being tossed away every day is a landfill disaster waiting to happen, right?

That’s why the innovators who make WildHorse Pods use only fully recyclable materials to create their capsules. What’s more, a biodegradable version of the product is on its way soon.

WildHorse Pods are the premier pod choice for coffee connoisseurs who value the planet as much as they value that first, perfect coffee each morning.

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee stands against corruption in the coffee industry

Of course, superior quality coffee is about more than a great taste. Coffee production is an industry rife with corruption and poor conditions for famers. Glasshouse Mountains Coffee only uses beans sourced from reputable private plantations that support a stable workforce operating under fair conditions. If being an ethical consumer is important to you, here’s another good reason to choose WildHorse Pods.

Exceptional coffee should also be free from the chemical contaminants that commonly seep into coffee products during the extraction process. Once again, the team at Glasshouse Mountains Coffee respects their beans, using pure water and chemical-free roasting processes to produce specialty coffee that doesn’t compromise your health.

Finally, but of crucial importance, unlike conventional coffee pods, WildHorse Pods are fully recyclable and soon to be completely biodegradable, too. The Glasshouse Mountains Coffee crew holds preservation and protection of the environment as a core value in their business.

WildHorse Pods are about lifting the human spirit, to energize you the coffee drinker – and all without a trace of bad karma.

But back to that flavour…

Which WildHorse Pod is right for you?

One conundrum coffee lovers face when using a coffee pod machine is finding a strength and flavour that matches the way they like to drink their coffee. A full bodied long black requires a bolder roast than a creamy cappuccino, for example.

Nespresso compatible WildHorse Pods are now available in several delicious blends designed to suit the high standards you expect from quality coffee, no matter how many sugars you take. Here’s the way they describe their pod coffees…

WildHorse Pods – Pure Gold

Pure Gold is our original signature blend. An espresso medium-roasted coffee, it captures hints of caramel and cocoa found only in superior high altitude coffees. Pure Gold offers a smooth, well-balanced flavour crafted for all coffee lovers to enjoy.

WildHorse Pods – Organic

If organic coffee is important to you, try our signature blend in its organic incarnation. We’ve combined a selection of pure organic coffees, grown in high altitude regions of the world, and added an earthy aroma and chocolaty notes to our already extraordinary flavour. These organic coffee beans come from plants that thrive in pristine mountainous air. They’ve found a welcome synergy in the unpolluted natural surrounds of our WildHorse Mountain roastery.

WildHorse Pods – La Perla

La Perla is our award winning Cup of Excellence Coffee, capsulized for your convenience. It’s an exotic, lighter-bodied coffee that offers a smooth intensity for a truly excellent cup, every time. Always at the cutting edge, Glasshouse Mountains Coffee has taken a risk by podding a highly regarded blend – but it works. No other capsule company we know of has dared to take this leap of faith. We know you’ll enjoy the WildHorse difference.

Papua New Guinea Single Origin

Single origin beans are loved by coffee connoisseurs who enjoy training their palate to recognise regional differences. Papuan coffee is world renowned for quality, but high altitude beans take it – quite literally – to the next level. This is a rich, earthy coffee with fruity notes, for anyone from the coffee snob to the casual imbiber.

WildHorse Pods – Colombian

If you like your coffee a little on the wild side, our Colombian coffee is a full-bodied stronger, darker roast. This is a single origin coffee, using beans produced at one private estate where experienced coffee growers travel high up the mountains by donkey to hand pick the ripest, quality beans. The result is a dynamic coffee with a sweet side and no residual bitterness. Love a long black? This is perfect for a bold start to your day.

WildHorse Pods – Guatemalan

Our Guatemalan single origin is a medium-bodied, elegant coffee. It has cocoa and spice notes, combined with an espresso roast for extra depth. Known as the ‘king of beans’ the large green Guatemalan bean is exotic on the palate. They’re also in limited availability so must be grown and picked by experienced Guatemalan coffee farmers with high levels of care and attention. The private estate we access for these beans is a passion project of its owner – and we are always happy to encourage passion.

Sweet Single Origin Yellow Bourbon

As complex and exciting as the name suggests, this single origin offering comes for the peaks of the Brazilian growing region. The beans are hand picked into cloth and rigorously graded for quality. It’s no exaggeration to say these beans are the cream of the crop. With a sweet, lingering taste and slight caramel undertones, you’ll love this coffee for a cappuccino or latte.

Swiss Water Mexican Decaf

If decaffeinated coffee is your preference, this Mexican decaf will not disappoint. Another exotic, high altitude blend, this coffee brings hints of citrus and dark brown sugar. Importantly, we use the Swiss water method for our decaffeination process, which means your coffee is full of flavour but free from chemical toxins.

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee also produces a range of outstanding speciality coffee blends for use in plungers and other styles of coffee maker.

The perfect espresso night and day

Coffee connoisseurs delight in starting their day with the perfect cup, but good coffee can be appreciated at any time of day. Flavoursome WildHorse Pods are just right for adding to your cocktails or culinary treats.

How about Jamie Oliver’s creamy espresso martini to kick start your weekend?

Or perhaps you’d prefer Nigella Lawson’s indulgent coffee panna cotta as the perfect end to a lively dinner with friends?

However you choose to enjoy WildHorse Pods, you’re sure to be impressed by the winning combination of complex flavours and a clean conscience.


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