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If you’re a lover of quality, speciality coffee, you already understand the many benefits of this smooth, aromatic beverage. Perhaps it helps you stay alert during arduous board meetings? Or perhaps your coffee break offers a precious moment of ‘me time’ in an otherwise hectic schedule? Whatever coffee means to you, you deserve to enjoy the best.

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee IS the best. Let us tell you why!

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High altitude coffee sets us worlds apart from other coffees

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee is a carefully crafted, premium grade coffee created on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We choose only the world’s best high altitude coffee beans then let our expert coffee roasters bring out their unique qualities, ensuring the richest flavours and aromas.

The altitude at which coffee is grown contributes significantly to its taste profile. All beans are by no means equal! Just like a fine wine, there is truly a science to producing an outstanding specialty coffee.

Research shows that high elevations (that is, above 3,000 feet to 6,000 feet and beyond) provide the ideal growing conditions for the coffee tree. Cooler mountain temperatures provide a slower growth cycle, which in turn prolongs bean development.

This longer maturation process imbues the coffee bean with more complex sugars, yielding deeper, more interesting flavours. High-grown beans are denser and possess the potential for exceptional coffee flavour. The world’s truly stunning coffees are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet.

Other coffee makers can produce a palatable product using beans grown at lower ranges, but the result will be mild, simple and a little bland for a true coffee lover.

In fact, it’s only above 3,000 feet that coffee beans begin to take on sweeter and smoother characteristics. Around 4,000 feet, coffees can be imbued with a hint of citrus, vanilla or chocolate. Above 5,000 feet, you’ll find spicy, floral and fruity notes in complex, aromatic beans.

Coffee trees also need to be nurtured and beans picked only when ripe. Some of the extraordinary estates accessed by Glasshouse Mountains Coffee bean buyers still hand pick their beans in the traditional way. With donkeys as carriers, they set off at sunrise, traversing the high terrain to pick the ripe beans. These growers are third generation families with coffee in their veins.

When well-cared for in this fashion, high elevation coffee produces a distinctive aromatic and flavourful cup of coffee. You’ll find this outstanding taste in every cup of Glasshouse Mountains Coffee.


Of course, superior quality coffee is about more than a great taste. Coffee production is an industry rife with corruption and poor conditions for famers. Glasshouse Mountains Coffee only uses beans sourced from reputable private plantations that support a stable workforce operating under fair conditions.

Exceptional coffee should also be free from the chemical contaminants that commonly seep into coffee products during the extraction process. Once again, the coffee roasters at Glasshouse Mountains Coffee respect their beans, using pure water and chemical-free roasting processes to produce specialty coffee that doesn’t compromise your health.

Glasshouse Mountains Coffee is about lifting the human spirit, to energize you the coffee drinker – and all without a trace of bad karma.

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Glasshouse Mountains Coffee products include our stunning signature blend, single origin coffees, organic coffee and decaffeinated coffee beans – available online or direct from our café roastery. Our superior coffee also sings as the base for our tasty WildHorse Iced Coffee, WildHorse Cold Brew and WildHorse Nespresso-compatible pods.

Our coffees are available in several delicious varieties – and our specialty coffee magicians are creating new blends and roasting concepts all the time. Glasshouse Mountains Coffee is available in three convenient sizes and a range of grind options to suit your needs.


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